Mike Hollis

Mike Hollis is a decades-long devotee of geometric abstraction, using techniques and strategies generally attributed to post-minimalism. Having mastered this approach he has also found ways to give each work a radical new meaning while imbuing it with calculated emotions. Through carefully crafted assemblages, photos of recognizable patterns with collaged objects suspended in resin mimic post-painterly abstractions while retaining their objective existences. Corporate aesthetics and its emphasis on streamlined form is deconstructed and reconstructed with scratches and vibrant colors. The result is a distinctive product of Contemporary Art.

Hollis was born in Houston, Texas, in 1953. After receiving his BA in Fine Arts from the University of St. Thomas, Hollis has built a well-respected and much-admired reputation as a favorite among Houston artists. Merging West Coast concepts with geometric abstraction, Hollis has created an easily recognizable body of work that is both cerebral and emotive. He creates his paintings utilizing various methods, blending various painting techniques with new technology.

With works found in major collections including The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and The Chase Manhattan Bank, NY, Hollis has held solo exhibitions in Santa Fe, NM, New York, NY, and here in Houston. As well, he has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including at the Blaffer Gallery, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and the Glassell School of Art. Hollis lives and works in Houston, Texas.