Julon Pinkston


Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Julon Pinkston first began his studio practice after serving as an Infantry soldier in the US Army. His military experience and desire to live life differently spurred him into practicing studio art as a career, embracing an Army motto Fortuna Favet Fortibus (Fortune Favors the Bold).

Julon Pinkston earned a BFA from the University of Houston and an MFA from the University of North Texas. Teaching art in a Houston middle school since 2014, he specializes in working with youth groups making award-winning Art Cars. His work has been exhibited in various art fairs and featured at the Art Car Museum, the Beeville Art Museum, McMurtrey Gallery, Zoya Tommy Contemporary, and RO2 Art.  

Julon’s latest paintings mix traditional and impasto techniques. He creates abstract compositions intertwined with hits of realism exploring the transformity of acrylic paint as a media while maintaining a seductive, elegant quality.

Artist Statement

I believe that in my work the use of play and intuition are central to my creative process and methodology in making art. My work is an exploration of expressive content and aspects of realism balanced within abstract compositions. Since 2011, my paintings have shown an exploration of impasto techniques and collage components in paintings using acrylic skins, or pure acrylic paint forms applied into my paintings. My latest works starting in late 2019 have included more traditional two-dimensional paintings as well as three-dimensional painting in expressive, energetic and sensual compositions.