Gabriel Tommy

Gabriel was born in 1965 in San Fernando Trinidad. He created this contemporary take on the female form since the late 80s and he has been a leading trendsetter in Caribbean art. His inspirations range from his surroundings to Trinidadian masters like Boscoe Holder or Vogue cover shots from the 70s even though “I don’t always need to paint exactly what I see, it’s more what I feel about the place that truly inspires me” says the artist.

Influence from African art and fashion photography often dictates his work. He is an authoritative voice in the fashion world of Trinidad, where he owns a high-end atelier for woman apparel. “Women are my primary subject matter in art because I understand them in the most aesthetic way,” states Gabby. This deep connection to women and their world can be seen in his elegant elongated figures, which he creates through strong and colorful, but at the same time delicate brush strokes.

“I have no idea what kind of legacy my art will leave, however perhaps it might show some of my outward joy while showing my inward search for beauty and love.” – Gabriel Tommy