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Julon Pinkston, Wearing Waters of Ferocious Fits, 2013, Acrylic paint and nails on charred wood panel, 12x7x2″


In my latest body of work I am creating objects which appear to be duct tape, masking tape, red dots, bandages, utilitarian items, etc., but is in fact made of paint. The variety of the surfaces on which these paintings are made, plywood panels, the canvas, the staples, etc. become an integral part of the art so that the paintings take on a sculptural aspect.  All of these elements, the fake-tape, the BBs, the plywood, and just letting paint be paint, for me, are the tools I have set up for myself in order to be able to play with compositions and discover new possibilities in the art along the way.  This is a visual vocabulary that I hope to expand.  I think that sometimes people who look at the work may find themselves guessing what parts of the painting are real or which I have manufactured.  Therefore these works explore a duality between abstraction and figuration.

When I first started making the tape paintings I was responding to a painting process of using masking tape to create hard-edged shapes. I like the idea of making compositions with tape, which seems like they are cheap and fast, but at the same time (since they are not tape, but paint) there is this almost tedious or ridiculous amount of labor involved in making them look and feel like tape that can be peeled off the surface. I like the idea that art should seem like it is easy even when it’s not.  I enjoy pushing the conventions that confine artistic media, whether traditional or nontraditional, and seeing what else I can do with it.  I hope that when you look at this work you see it with the same sense of humor, the same kind of play or sense of discovery in which they are made.

-Julon Pinkston