About Eric

Eric Ockrassa

Our world is full of systems. In many ways we are apathetic to their complexities, but to varying extents we all rely on their existence. This could be anything from the complicated systems that allow us to have running water and electricity, to the organization of shapes you learned so that you could read this scintillating statement, the list is immeasurable. This infinite mass of organizations that we constantly use but rarely take the time to further investigate is where my interest lies. The work sometimes comes from my personal observation of these entities and through my experience with them, other times I will create my own system to determine incremental changes or color shifts. That being said, specific color choices and overall composition are not always related to the portrayed system, sometimes even being intuitive. This is due to my self-propagated need as a painter to deal with the formal concerns within the work.

2015: MFA, Painting and Drawing, University of Houston, Houston, TX
2012: BFA, Painting,Texas State, San Marcos, TX
2012: BFA, Graphic Design, Texas State, San Marcos, TX