About Charles

Based in Seattle, Washington, Pop-Surrealist Charles Krafft is a self-taught artist with an intriguing twist on funerary art that has earned him a near cult-like following.  A sensation in Low Brow Art and Postmodern Ceramics, Krafft will exhibit a hand-picked selection of his SPONE reliquaries.  These unique works, made of human bone china and crematory ash porcelain beautifully blend the subtle and shocking, poignantly commenting on death, memory, and an array of socio-political issues meant to make the viewer re-examine both the past and the present.


His ability to cross boundaries and present the shocking and sensational in subtle ways earned him a spot in the 2009 edition of Ripley’s Believe it or Not.   Krafft has also held numerous solo exhibitions in WA, CA, OR, and Slovenia, and has participated in group exhibitions in NY, CA, as well as the 2003 Venice Biennial.