About Agnes

Agnes states, “These past three years (2014-2016), of living between Paris, Venezuela and Houston, have changed & shaped my life habits and pushed my pictorial practice to forced readjustments that I find rewarding. Now that I’m settled in Houston, I have my own space and my works are getting larger. My paintings have forgotten the Parisian stress, my work has become more precise, and gone deeper into quietness and organization. My reactions to various environments are now being told through painting.

When I paint, I search with relish the anomaly and the cohesion, the singularity, the time lost, the straying, the certain and the uncertain. Like a jazz improvisation, I create “grids” for myself through the course of my practice. With diligence and uprightness, I obey my desires, moods, fads, and frenzies, keeping the maximum enjoyable spontaneity in the execution and in the final result.”

Agnes’s process consists of painting several canvases at a time, so that during every intervention her work has time to dry, to mature and to reveal its results. She is a firm believer in the idea that art enables a dialogue and interacts with one another. Agnes utilizes this interaction between her canvases as a tool to help her clarify her thoughts and senses throughout her painting process. She has said,“A canvas, compared to its neighbor, may reinforce the character of one, leave a void, or overload the others. The qualities of one helps me see the needs of the other.”

Agnes Bourely was born in France in 1963, where from a young age was introduced and surrounded by the fine arts.Agnes received her Diploma of Plastic Arts, in 1986, from the “School of Fine Arts in Angers”, in the French Loire Valley. Her education also consists of complementary studies at the “Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design” in Denver, Colorado where she was the Silver Medal recipient in 1988.

She has traveled and lived in various places around the globe including Europe, Asia, and South America before moving to Houston in September of 2015. This has given Agnes the opportunity to exhibit her work in numerous locations such as the Gallery Collette Dubois, Workshop of Fine Arts in the City of Paris, The Ministry of Finance Bercy Paris Library, the French Consulate State Anzoategui in Venezuela and in Spring Street Studios in Houston.